Creating a container garden is a genius way to grow your own vegetables and herbs. Whether you are short on space, don’t have a lot of time, are new to gardening, or simply want an easy way to add to your existing garden area, container gardening is a great way to get your garden going!

And don’t forget it’s okay to mix flowers with vegetables in the same pot.

Choosing the right pot is very important. Indoor and outdoor pots differ. Outdoor pots are fired at higher temperatures which makes the clay much harder and not subject to the severity of freezing temperatures. Stop by either location and ask our gardening experts which pots are best for your needs.

Here’s a sample of what you can grow in containers, other than the obvious, leafy veggies and herbs:

Tomatoes – We have many varieties and colors to choose from — from beefsteak down to small cherry tomatoes — in red, black, pink and yellow.

Peppers – Sweet peppers or hot peppers — we have many to choose from and they grow great in pots!

Spinach – Can be cut just below crown for once-over harvest, or above the growing point to allow regrowth. Older leaves can also be pinched off near the base of the plant to allow multiple harvests.

Squash (summer) – As immature fruit when young and tender. Fingernail should easily penetrate rind. Long-fruit varieties (zucchini) are harvested when 6 to 8 inches long, while scallops should be 3 to 4 inches in diameter.

CornĀ – Sweet corn, blue corn, ornamental corn — after they’ve sprouted and grown about a foot tall, plant pole beans at the base to grow up the corn stalks which will make picking the beans very easy.