Payne’s Greenhouses are Bursting with HomegrownPoinsettias ready for Holiday Decorating.Take a look at some of the Poinsettias we haveand get your list ready so you can hit the ground running when we re-open!!!

Payne’s has 20 home-grown varieties of Poinsettias this year!
Call 505-988-9626 or 505-988-8011 to reserve your Poinsettias for the Holidays!

Why buy locally grown poinsettias? 
For the same reasons it’s important to buy locally grown foods, it’s important to buy locally grown plants. Because Payne’s poinsettias have been growing right here since early July, they are acclimated to Santa Fe’s light and climate. They are hardier, larger, fuller and will last longer.

Gift plant wrapping is available from $1.50 per plant depending
on size and local delivery is available for a small fee.

Below are a few of our varieties to choose from — if you want the more unique colors such as white or pink, when we re-open … you should stop by or reserve your poinsettia — because those go quickly!

Aurora Poinsettia

Christmas Wish Pink Poinsettia
Red Soul Poinsettia
Burning Ember Poinsettia
Ice Punch Poinsettia
Tapestry Poinsettia
Glitter Poinsettia
Alaska Poinsettia