FALL officially begins SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23! It’s the best time to plant trees, shrubs and ornamental grasses!

Stop by either location for a variety of shade, flowering, fruit and decorative TREES!

Payne’s considers Fall the best time to plant a tree … and here are some of the reasons why:

Mild Weather: Fall typically brings cooler temperatures after the scorching summer heat has subsided. This mild weather is ideal for newly planted trees as it reduces the risk of heat stress and excessive transpiration. Trees can establish their roots more effectively in these conditions, setting a strong foundation for future growth.

Moisture Availability: Fall often comes with more consistent rainfall, which helps to keep the soil adequately moist. This moisture is crucial for root development. Additionally, trees planted in the fall have several months of cooler, wetter weather ahead, allowing them to establish themselves before the heat and drought of summer return.

Reduced Stress on Trees: During the fall, deciduous trees begin to go dormant, meaning they redirect their energy from top growth to root development. This reduces stress on the tree and increases its chances of survival. Planting in the fall allows the tree to focus on root growth without the demand for new leaves or flowers.

Less Pest Pressure: Many insect pests and diseases become less active in the fall, reducing the risk of infestations that could harm newly planted trees. This gives the tree a better chance to establish itself without the constant threat of damage.

Availability of Nursery Stock: Nurseries often have a wider selection of tree species and healthier stock available in the fall, as this is the prime season for tree sales. This enables you to choose the best tree species for your specific location and landscaping needs.

Preparation for Spring Growth: By planting in the fall, your tree will have a head start on spring growth. When warmer weather returns, the tree will already have a well-developed root system, allowing it to focus on producing leaves and branches for the upcoming growing season.