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Give DAD a Gift that He Can Enjoy for Years to Come!

Bring DAD by Payne’s and let him choose a tree of his choice or plant one in his honor. Trees provide a habitat for birds, help cleanse the air and can be a daily reminder of the deep roots and long-lasting love of your family.

Whether you’re looking for shade, fragrance, color or fruit, evergreen or deciduous, Payne’s has an excellent selection of all kinds of trees in stock at both stores, including really big trees at our North store on Camino Alire.

Trees provide a habitat for birds, do a great job absorbing carbon from the air we breathe, and can be a daily reminder of the deep roots and long-lasting love of your family.

Can’t plant outdoors? Choose a tropical indoor tree that fits your space helps clean the air and is easy to care for.

Reduce the Amount of Watering with Hydretain ES Plus!


Rhydretainwoot zone moisture management technology reduces the overall watering requirements.

Combines root zone moisture management technology with an advanced environmentally sound, renewable resource, non-ionic surfactant for improved soil penetration. Significantly extending periods between required waterings for turf, ornamental plants, shrubs and trees. Also approved for agricultural use.

When there is adequate liquid water in the soil, Hydretain essentially lies dormant and serves no real purpose. It is when this liquid water is depleted and only water vapor remains in the soil matrix that Hydretain’s benefits can be seen. Plants cannot use vapor, so Hydretain was engineered to capture it and collect it back into minute liquid droplets that sustain plants between waterings

Hydretain ES Plus II is only beneficial within the root zone and therefore must be watered in thoroughly after application. Hydretain ES Plus II is biodegradable – reapply every 3 months or as needed

As always, read the instructions with product, some restrictions may apply.
Stop by either location and pick up this PAYNE’S RECOMMENDED product!

VALERIE’S VIEW from the Greenhouse!


The Perfect Tomato!

As a local nursery, we carry many varieties of tomato plants. Choosing the right tomato plant is always a challenge. Does one want a large tomato for making sandwiches, or one to add to a salad. The ambitious person wants lots at once to can or make sauce. Others, like me, just want to eat them whole, hence the cherry tomato.

We still have a good selection of tomato plants. Most of what we have in stock are Heirloom/Open-pollinated varieties. Because of our crazy growing season, we do carry many short-season varieties (less than 70 days to maturity) but also have those favorites like Paul Robeson and Brandywine.

We had many of our customers rush to plant this year. As a result, the soil was too cold and the plants struggled to take up phosphorus. Those same customers have come back to buy more plants. Sometimes rushing to get ahead of the game just doesn’t pay. Remember tomato plants need at least 8 hours of sunlight in order to grow and produce fruit.