Did You Know…


 … these FUN facts about DIANTHUS?

  • The botanical name, Dianthus, is taken from the Greek words ‘Dios’ (‘of Zeus’) and ‘Anthos’ (‘flower’) and was given by Theophrastus, a Greek botanist.
  • This plant has many common names (some specific to species or species groups), including Pinks (see below), Sweet William (a reference to the fragrance, along with a corruption of the French ‘oillet’ or ‘little eye’), and Carnation (commonly thought to have originated as the Greek ‘coronation’ or ‘corone’ meaning ‘flower garland or crown’ since they were used in ceremonial flower crowns).
  • Dianthus RomanceDating from the 1400s, the verb ‘to pink’ meant ‘to decorate with a perforated or punched pattern’.
  • Additionally, the color pink may have been named after this flower!
  • Dianthus is large genus with around 300 species; all are native to the Northern Hemisphere, with the majority native to Europe and Asia, with some representatives in North Africa and one in the North America arctic region.