The Bark Beetle Is Back!

The dreaded Bark Beetle has made a beetlereturn to Northern New Mexico; yet, it is at a favorable time of year for us to thwart its efforts. The Bark Beetle burrows into the tree and introduces blue stain fungus via it’s saliva.

Though we can try to stop the beetle’s attack, once the fungus has established itself, there is no way of stopping its’ destruction.

Your first line of defense is making sure your pinon trees are adequately watered. Although the rainfall helps, we still recommend thorough watering. As an additional precaution, we have appropriate pesticides available such as Permethirin 38-Plus and Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew Organic Pesticide with Spinosad. There is no time to waste!

Start watering NOW and drop by either store to purchase insecticides and get professional advice.