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The year 2021 has just begun, but the garden trends for 2021 are already set. We have compiled the latest developments in the garden sector for you and show you what’s in store this year.

1. Urban GardeningUrban gardening refers to the intelligent horticultural use of small areas in the city. While the idea of urban horticulture has existed for centuries, this form of gardener has become an absolute trend in recent years and continues to this day. It does not matter if it’s about beautifying the streets with pretty flowers and plants, or planting small raised beds and smart vertical gardens on the balcony: smart urban gardens are hot on trend in 2021.

2. Raised bedsAs already mentioned, raised beds are one of the garden trends in 2021. These are not only a pretty eye-catcher in the garden, but also enable a back-friendly working position when planting plants, removing annoying weeds or harvesting herbs.Raised beds are no longer only in the classic rectangular shape, but also in many other shapes and colors. High beds in snail form are particularly interesting. The rising snail shape makes it possible to plant plants and especially herbs with different site needs side by side. This is not only extremely practical, but also looks extremely chic.

3. Outdoor living roomThe local garden is developing more and more into its own oasis of well-being and open-air living room in summer. Stylish outdoor furniture that lives up to wind and weather and captivates with its sophisticated designs are particularly suited to this trend. A few years ago, white plastic chairs and boring wooden benches filled the gardens and terraces of the home, but this year they face more and more competition from trendy hanging chairs, inviting lounge corners and long dining tables. In particular, the color gray dominates.

4. Garden accessoriesThe color gray is also in the range of garden accessories announced: ranging from stylish hanging pots over classic flower pots to the parasol. In addition, the “Shabby Chic” style enjoys great popularity in 2021 and is fully in line with the trend. In particular, bright pastel colors and different shades of white, which create a harmonious look, harmonize with this vintage style. We have already explained the different effects of colors in an earlier blog post. 

5. Outdoor kitchen for the gardenGrilling has always been the Germans favorite hobby, which is why in almost every garden also a barbecue. The theme of barbecues and BBQ continues to evolve and the simple barbecue turns more and more fully equipped outdoor kitchens that transform the garden into a gourmet outdoor temple. In addition, more and more technical innovations are entering the field: for example, thermo-meters that can be controlled by an app make the hearts of technology and barbecue fans beat faster.

6. Smart Gardening Even in the classic garden sector, technology is rapidly advancing. The term smart gardening collects intelligent gardening tools that can be controlled via app or remote control and take on classic gardening such as watering plants or mowing the lawn. Thus, some irrigation devices are already able to monitor the weather and, depending on weather conditions, independently start the irrigation of the garden.
Apart from all the new style and technology trends coming our way in 2021, some classics are also enjoying continued popularity. In addition to the classic garden house, which serves as a parking space or party location and thus represents an asset to any garden, especially garden and outdoor saunas are finding more and more fans.