Growing Herbs Indoors!

Fresh herbs can be grown indoors and their easy care, decor, accessibility, and economic savings make them even more appealing.

If you don’t have an outdoor herb garden that you plan to transfer inside you can create a new one by getting a variety of ready to plant herbs at either of our Payne’s Nurseries.

The first step is choose a good location for your plants. You want your herb containers placed near the brightest window you can find – preferably a south facing window that gets about 4-6 hours of sunlight a day. However, some herbs don’t require that much sunlight so please ask our experts which herbs need minimal sunlight.

Here are some other things to consider:
• type of containers to use
• soil and fertilizer ratios
• temperature in your house
• which herbs to grow – some herbs are more hardy than others

Stop by either of our nurseries and our Payne’s gardening experts will assist you in creating the perfect environment for your herbs.