dormantoilNow that Spring is around the corner, it’s time to treat your fruit trees and evergreens with horticultural oil spray, also known as dormant oil spray. We have everything you need, including expert tips, to help protect your trees. Dormant and horticultural oil sprays work by smothering overwintering insect eggs. The first spray of the season should be applied as the buds on the tree or shrub begin to swell, but before they open.

1. Always spray trees and shrubs
before their buds open.

2. Spray when daytime temperatures are 50°F or above to
allow spray to dry completely before temperatures drop to freezing again.

3. Never spray on a windy day. Although it’s completely safe, we only want it on the targeted plants, not you or your outdoor furniture.

4. Always read the directions on the bottles for application rates and
more information!

5. Apply spray thoroughly, soaking all parts of the tree or shrub.

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