Anthurium “Flamingo Flower”

Anthurium “Flamingo Flower”


This exotic beauty is a favorite gift plant because its bright blooms last for many weeks over a flowering season from spring to late summer. They are not an easy-care plant, but their beauty can make up for their need for particular conditions and specific care.

Often called the “Flamingo Flower” or “Painter’s Palette,” Anthurium come in several varieties, all of which require plenty of warmth and high humidity. They do not do well in artificial light and require a well-lit position out of the sun.

Anthurium grow best at daytime temperatures of 80° to 90° and nighttime temperatures between 60° and 70° with a minimum temperature in winter of 60°. They need good drainage and their soil needs to be kept moist. When it is flowering, water liberally with tepid, lime-free water. Mist often — twice a day if possible.

Feed every two weeks from February to August with a mild liquid fertilizer, keeping in mind that if the fertilizer is too strong it can burn the roots.

They like to be potbound, but need to be repotted every year.

Type of Plant: Tropical Houseplant

Distinguishing Characteristics: A tropical plant that requires warmth and humidity.

Water Use: High

Flower Color: Various

Sun/Location: Bright Indirect Light