Flowering Crabapple-Klehem’s Bechtel

Flowering Crabapple-Klehem’s Bechtel

Malus 'Klehem's Bechtel'

In spring, this flowering crabapple blooms about 10 days later than most other flowering crabapples and is covered with fragrant, double pink flowers that give it the appearance of being draped with rosebuds. The fruits that follow are small and mature to yellow-green. They are sour but edible, and best used to make jellies and preserves. The large green leaves turn a beautiful orange-to-red in the fall.

It prefers a moist, fertile loam but tolerates and will grow in drier and more alkaline soils with proper planting and mulching.

This is one of Lynn Payne’s favorites!

Type of Plant: Ornamental Deciduous Shade Tree

Distinguishing Characteristics: A wide-branching deciduous tree that blooms in later in spring than other crabapples

Water Use: Moderate

Flower Color: Pink

Sun/Location: Full Sun

Approximate Height at Maturity*: 15-25'

Approximate Spread at Maturity*: 20-25'

Tree Shape: Round head form with soft, green foliage which turns orange in fall

*Under average conditions in Northern New Mexico