Pelargonium x hortorum

geranium-cu-webGeraniums are a favorite flowering plant in northern New Mexico — their big, beautiful blossoms stand out in the bright, clear sunshine. This is a fast-growing plant that can be used in landscaping, in container plantings or as houseplants.  Payne’s grows a wide selection of flower colors including red, light pink, hot pink, white, peach, magenta, and many more.

Geranium-lt-pinkAlthough they are somewhat drought tolerant and heat tolerant, they need to be watered when the soil surface is dry. They do best in fertile, well-drained soil and weekly fertilizing, along with regular deadheading, helps keep them blooming through the summer. As the season progresses, watch for bud worms.

Bring them inside in autumn as they cannot tolerate temperatures below 40 degrees F.

Interesting fact: This plant is not a true geranium.  A true geranium is a perennial landscape plant with the common name “Cranesbill.”


Type of Plant: Annual

Distinguishing Characteristics: Diverse plant with many blooms that can be used in landscaping, in patio containers or indoor pots.

Water Use: Moderate

Flower Color: Various

Sun/Location: Full Sun