Licorice Vine

Licorice Vine

Helichrysum petiolare

Often used as an accent in container plantings, Licorce Vine is low-growing and semi-trailing with silvery gray fuzzy leaves and no flowers. It provides a great contrast for other plants in hanging baskets when used as a filler, and adds dramatic effect when it spills over the side of the pot.

This is a fast growing annual that does best in full sun, planted in fertile well-drained soil. It is low maintenance, requiring water when the surface of the soil is dry, and can withstand some drought conditions. Fertilize at least twice a month to keep it healthy.


Photo: Jean-Pol Grandmont

Type of Plant: Annual

Distinguishing Characteristics: Low-growing and semi-trailing. No flowers.

Water Use: Low

Flower Color: NA

Sun/Location: Full Sun