Osage Orange

Osage Orange

Maculra pomifera

The glossy lance-shaped bright green leaves along pendulous branches of an Osage Orange create an irregular crown. It is fast growing and considered one of the most drought-tolerant trees — once it is well established — it needs little supplemental watering. It produces an interesting fruit about the size of an apple. The fruit, nicknamed “hedge apple,” has a pleasant, orange-peel smell — it is green, very bumpy and inedible, but it makes a great decoration.

Type of Plant: Deciduous Shade Tree

Distinguishing Characteristics: Strong form, texture and character, maturing with a thick, gnarled appearance

Water Use: Low

Flower Color: White

Sun/Location: Full Sun

Approximate Height at Maturity*: 20'

Approximate Spread at Maturity*: 18'

*Under average conditions in Northern New Mexico