Persian or Arabian Violet

Persian or Arabian Violet

Exacum Affine

These small, compact beauties are a favorite gift plant because their pale purple flowers with yellow centers offer abundant, pleasantly scented blossoms. They flower from mid-summer through fall and are relatively easy care.

Keep the plant in bright, indirect light and avoid direct sun. They will flower longer if the plant is kept relatively cool — maintain temperatures between 50° and 70°.

Water moderately to keep the soil evenly moist but not soggy it is important that the soil ball does not dry out. Mist frequently with lukewarm water.

Fertilize every two weeks with a mild, liquid fertilizer.

Pick off spent flowers to extend blooming.

Type of Plant: Tropical House Plant

Distinguishing Characteristics: Abundant, pleasantly scented blossoms.

Water Use: High

Flower Color: Blue

Sun/Location: Bright Indirect Light