Solanum tuberosum

Potatoes are the most well-known tubers. Because of the “eyes” from which the stems grow, these type of plants can be cut into pieces and regrown as long as each piece contains an eye. Keep in mind that the potatoes sold in most grocery stores have been treated to delay sprouting so that they will have a longer shelf life. The seed potatoes we offer are not treated and they should be planted in spring after the recommended “frost free” date (usually around May 10).

Potatoes are easiest to grow in a container that is approximately 18″ deep and, the wider the pot, the more potatoes can be grown. Start by spreading three to four inches of soil in the bottom of the pot, then placing four to six seed potatoes on the soil and covering them with another three to four inches of soil. Water, then allow them to grow for about 10 days or so until green shoots appear and grow to a height of three or four inches. Add more soil, but do not cover the shoots completely — leave two to three inches exposed — and allow them to grow another 10 days or so. Water as needed — two to three times a week — and add soil two to three inches at a time as the shoots grow. Never cover the shoots completely. Continue this routine until reaching the top of the pot.

Feed with a fertilizer that has a high middle number so that the potatoes get plenty of phosphorus. Read our tip on How to Choose the Right Fertilizer for more information.

The potatoes will multiply below the soil and can be harvested in fall after the first frost.



Type of Plant: Tuber

Distinguishing Characteristics: Delicious!

Water Use: Moderate

Flower Color: White

Sun/Location: Full to Part Sun