Tillandsia are floral gems of nature. Decorative, tillandsia1visually fascinating, hardy and able to grow without soil. Native to Latin America where they abound on cliffs, rocks and tree branches. These domestically grown plants are produced from seeds. Growing them can provide you with years of enjoyment and satisfaction with little care. Here are some TIPS on CARE:

WATER: Soak plants for about an hour, then mist them regularly when the air is dry.

LIGHT: Bright, filtered sunlight.

TEMPERATURES: Between 36º and 100º F. They will endure high temperatures if watered or soaked to replenish water loss. Do not freeze.

HUMIDITY: Plants loose water in dry environments. Supply sufficient moisture to make up for the deficit.

FERTILIZATION: While not essential, feeding will produce healthier plants. Use a high quality fertilizer at 1/4 of the strength. Ask one of our plant experts.  tillandsia3 tillandsia2