Water Wise Tips – Even during the Monsoons!

monsoonThe Monsoon season is upon us and it seems like we’re getting a fair share of rain this year! It’s still important to continue regularly watering your trees, shrubs, flowers and ground-covers to keep them healthy but conserving water as well!

We all need to take responsibility for saving our most precious resource. Here are some water-wise tips we recommend:

– Water in the evening or early morning before heat and drying winds cause rapid evaporation

– Water less frequently – yet soak thoroughly, soak the roots once or twice a week rather than frequent shallow watering
– Use a watering can instead of a hose when possible

– Drip system customers! Make sure that your drip systems are working correctly and be aware of your settings. Closely monitor the watering needs of your plants and trees. You may need to adjust the settings.

– Use mulch: it reduces evaporation, keeps soil cooler and adds water-holding humus

– Avoid rock mulches and asphalt: they trap and radiate heat and increase water needs of nearby plants

apache-plume-raw– Use drought-tolerant plantings, including native plants, that are adapted to our climate and soil (such as Apache Plume, shown at right)

– Plant trees to create shade and reduce heat

– Prune and weed regularly and fertilize properly only when needed: excessive growth requires excessive watering