Watering Techniques

Here are some tips on how to water properly during the month of August. Even during the monsoons, you need to check your plants and make sure that they are receiving enough water. Rain can fall at different angles often missing some of your plants entirely. Here’s a list of watering techniques to consider:

• WATER LESS FREQUENTLY, MORE DEEPLY: Water thoroughly 1-2 times per week instead of a light application every day, in other words, soak the root zone.

• WATER EARLY IN THE DAY before heat and drying winds cause evaporation. Watering is best performed in the cool of the morning or evening. Remember, plants need 1.5-2 inches of water per week during hot weather, so get a rain gauge or listen to your weather report daily to figure out if the monsoons have given you enough precipitation to meet your plants’ needs. Windowboxes, and other containers, which rain does not moisten effectively, will need regular watering even during the monsoons.


• COLLECT AND CHANNEL WATER: Place rain barrels or other large containers under canales to catch roof run-off.

• GIVE EACH PLANT ONLY AS MUCH WATER AS IT NEEDS.  But remember: new  plantings need generous amounts of water to become established.

By the way, before you turn your hose on your plants, run all the hot water from the hose to keep from scalding the plants.