Weeds – They’re Growing Like Weeds!

With all of this moisture… the weeds are coming up in full force. Weeds are easy to control with a good old-fashioned hoe and some elbow grease… or you can use selective or non-selective weed killers.

Selective weed killers are herbicides that will kill broad leaf plants only and not harm lawns. However, use caution around trees and shrubs because they could cause some damage.

Non-selective herbicides will kill any plant that it comes into contact with. Just remember, weeds are easier to control when they are small and never spray any herbicide on a windy day! If your weeds are larger than 1 foot tall, it may be better to just pull them or use that trusty old hoe.

Stop by either of our Payne’s locations to get professional advice on what weed killers would be best for you. We want to help you achieve success in your garden.