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VALERIE’S VIEW from the Greenhouse!



The week after Easter we begin filling our tables with flowers and vegetables for the Spring rush. Now we are stressing out because much has been sold and we cannot keep up with the transplanting and the demand.

In addition, we are also experiencing other shortages. Customers cannot understand why we do not have all the plants and other products they are looking for. In the past, we have been able to bring in plant material from outside vendors. These vendors are also experiencing shortages. The smaller workforce this past year meant many of the greenhouses had to cut back on their production. Several natural disasters, like the freeze in Texas, fires and hurricanes have added to the shortages.
Shortages include plastic resin for pots, bark for mulches (a byproduct of lumber) and trucks to deliver the products. The Domino Affect.
This is a whole new experience for us all. PLEASE BE PATIENT. We have less staff than usual and are doing our very best to fill everyone’s requests. Routines are slowing returning. Remember gardening is supposed to be enjoyable.