VALERIE’S VIEW from the Greenhouse!



Payne’s Nurseries has been in business over 66 years. It surprises me that some customers do not know that we have a second location. We have for many years divided the planting between the two locations. We concentrate on the annuals and special crops here at the St. Michael’s location (South Store) and grow the perennial crops at the Camino Alire location (North Store).
After walking through the greenhouses at North yesterday, I felt assured that Spring is coming and that we will have enough product ready for those early sales. The Production staff at North has done an amazing job of seeding, taking cuttings and transplanting hundreds of plants. It is worth a trip to see what they have growing and what may be a good fit in your garden. But, don’t wait too long as there were some customers snatching up some of the new varieties of plant material already.