VALERIE’S VIEW from the Greenhouse!



The smell of the marigold flower is quite pungent. It is believed that the strong smell often confuses flying insects, which aids in repelling pests. Folklore suggests planting marigolds around your tomato, pepper and bean plants to keep the bugs away. Many also believe that the rabbits and squirrels are deterred by them.

In many cases, it is not because the smell wards off the insect but because the bug such as the flea beetle prefers to borough in the marigold instead. I, personally, just love the look. They are extremely colorful and brighten up any dull spot in the garden. Also, on the plus side, honeybees love marigolds. It is said that they go together like beans and rice.

Today, many marigold hybrids have been cultivated without the smell. They were designed because many gardeners have found the smell of marigolds offensive. Leave it to us humans to mess with a good thing.