VALERIE’S VIEW from the Greenhouse!


I have been telling customers for weeks that it is too early to plant certain vegetables. One should not only consider moon signs and weather predictions, but also soil temperatures. Soil temperature will affect seed germination and seedling growth.
Crops from seed, such as, carrots, parsley, lettuce and spinach will germinate at 45 degrees but will grow best with warmer air temperatures. But your lettuce and spinach will start to bolt when it gets too hot. Crops like tomatoes, peppers and eggplant can be seeded into 50 degree soil, but prefer a minimum of 65 degrees. If you are starting with seedlings, they all will prefer warmer (optimum) temperatures to grow.  We will have a selection of tomatoes and peppers. As for cucumbers squash and melons, we do those a little later. As most of you know, our frost-free date is May 15. Patience, patience.
I know some of you have greenhouses, cold frames and such so you are looking for starts early on, but the majority of our customers may not have the space or they may be gardening for the first time. As a local nursery we attempt to have starts ready when it is time to plant them outside.  We want all of you to have a successful garden.