VALERIE’S VIEW from the Greenhouse!



These are the two questions that I have been asked most. 
Unfortunately, the Tulips and Daffodils should have been planted in the Fall. We do have a good supply of Dahlias and Gladiolas.
Tulip bulbs require at least 14 weeks of cold weather to help them store the required nutrients to bloom when the weather warms. While planting them outdoors in spring they may provide you with a lovely foliage plant, it most likely will not provide flowers until the following spring. However, if you have bulbs laying around, do get them into the ground as they are not like seeds and will not last a long time. Take your chances and see if they bloom for you next year. Daffodils do not require chilling, but do best when given sufficient time to establish in the garden.
As for the pansies, we have a large supply from Fall and a new crop coming on. Our new plants in the greenhouse are rooted-in but have not been outside so a freeze would be quite a shock. They can be planted outside once our temperatures are above freezing. This coming week does not look promising. Once they are established, the cold will not hurt them. It would be best to harden them off a few days before planting.