They’re BACK! Watch Out for Hornworms!

hornwormSeems like these pests are coming out and feeding on our plants. Tomato Hornworms can be found in most any region of the U.S. and can ruin your tomato crop in record time; they also feed on eggplant, peppers, and potato. They can blend in quite easily with the green foliage and feed non-stop, creating spotty and chewed leaves and fruit.

Just pick them off with a pair of gloves (because they have a horn) and feed them to the birds or spray them with any type of organic insecticide or conventional sprays. Stop by and ask our gardening experts what product they recommend for your needs.

Time to Iron Your Soil!

ironwhiteNow that the Monsoons are in full gear in New Mexico, keep in mind that the rains can strip your soil from important nutrients such as iron. Iron is a nutrient that all plants need to function. Many of the vital functions of the plant, like enzyme and chlorophyll production, nitrogen fixing, and development and metabolism are all dependent on iron. Without iron, the plant simply cannot function as well as it should.

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Water Wise Tips – Even during the Monsoons!

monsoonThe Monsoon season is upon us and it seems like we’re getting a fair share of rain this year! It’s still important to continue regularly watering your trees, shrubs, flowers and ground-covers to keep them healthy but conserving water as well!

We all need to take responsibility for saving our most precious resource. Here are some water-wise tips we recommend:

- Water in the evening or early morning before heat and drying winds cause rapid evaporation

wateringcan- Water less frequently – yet soak thoroughly, soak the roots once or twice a week rather than frequent shallow watering

- Use a watering can instead of a hose when possible

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Garden Guru Says that Tomatoes LOVE the Heat!

lynnonradioREVLast week the Garden Guru mentioned how tomatoes just LOVE the heat! Sometimes tomatoes have different problems and that’s what Lynn’s tip was about last week. Tomatoes may have something on the bottom of them called “Blossom End Rot” (opposite the stem). This condition can happen from inconsistent watering or a lack of calcium in the soil. There are a couple other things you can look for. Listen to the Garden Guru’s tip and find out how to care for your tomatoes.

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This Week’s Payne’s Photo of the Week – SCARLET HEDGEHOG CACTUS


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