What to do in July!


If you have annuals & bedding plants: deadhead, deadhead, deadhead.

Annuals live to flower and set seed, so if you hinder them from forming seed-heads, they’ll keep flowering all summer out of sheer baby-yearning frustration. Also, if any of your cool-loving annuals haven’t survived the onset of summer’s heat, we still have plenty of annual plants for you to replant in their place that we’ve been growing in our nurseries all summer long!

Plant Your Own Herb Garden! Payne’s Has Plenty of Herbs to Choose From!


Modern cooks are turning more to their own gardens for that fresh picked flavor and satisfaction of being able to say, “I grew it myself”. A small herb garden can be started in the kitchen for the chefs’ convenience, then transferred out-of-doors when the weather permits. Most herbs require a well-drained soil (but not too rich) and a sunny exposure. Flavor, more than growth, is important here.

herb2herb1In addition to using herbs in your cooking and culinary creations, herbs can be utilized in a myriad of ways to serve a wide variety of purposes. Probably the most common alternative use for herbs, and many would argue it’s primary function, is for medicinal and healing purposes.

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Stop by either Payne’s location and see what tasty varieties Payne’s has in store for you! Varieties differ at both locations.

VALERIE’S VIEW from the Greenhouse!


We have several Hummingbird Mints – In addition to the Agastaches we offer in our Perennial Area, we also offer a tender perennial variety in the greenhouse. The Agastache Acapulco (Zone hardiness 6), of which we have four colors to choose from, Orange, Red, Rose and Dark Blue. These offer flowers all summer until Frost.





How Often Should You Water?

lynnonradioREVradioLast week, the Garden Guru explained how often should we water during the summer months.

As a plant absorbs water, there’s a process called transpiration … and of course the roots absorb the moisture and it travels through the vascular system of the plant and then it’s lost through the leaf with transpiration! When its hot and dry and windy … that increases the transpiration and then it’s termed evapotranspiration. The proper way to water is by watering thoroughly and then let it dry out between each watering. This forces the roots to grow down deeper in search of that water. Listen to Lynn’s tip to learn more.

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