Spring Workshops Continue This Saturday!

workshopsWant to Know How to Improve Your Garden Soil?
Join us this Saturday for our Spring Workshops
at 11:00 AM at our SOUTH store at 715 St. Michael’s Dr.

MARCH 28 - Lizzie Hurt from Soil Mender: Improving Your Garden Soil

Participants will receive a 20% discount card to use the day of the workshop. Here’s this Saturday’s Workshop:

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Our SpringFiesta Was a Huge Success! Check Back for Information on Upcoming Events!

PAYNES_springfiestaFAIRYOur 12th Annual SpringFiesta last weekend was a huge success…and what a way to KICK-OFF the first, full DAY of SPRING! With three workshops, delicious Frito pies and hot dogs, informative booths and a host of activities, our annual event was the perfect way to spring in the season. Our Fairy Garden Patch, Face Painting booth and Kids Korner were most popular with the little gardeners! More events to come! Check back or sign up for our enewsletter for more information on upcoming events!





Did You Ever Want to Know How to Plant Potatoes!

PAYNES_potatoplantThis half hardy vegetable is a culinary staple, and yet is overlooked by many backyard gardeners. The taste and texture of home-grown potatoes are far superior to store bought, especially the early varieties. They need a cool climate, and also need to be watched to prevent sunburn.

1. Plant seed potatoes (pieces of whole potato or a small whole potato, with at least 2 eyes per piece) 0-2 weeks after last spring frost.
2. If you are cutting up potato pieces for planting, do so 1-2 days ahead of time. This will give them the chance to form a protective layer, both for moisture retention and rot resistance.
3. You may start planting earlier, as soon as soil can be worked, but be aware that some crops will be ruined by a frost.
4. Spread and mix in rotted manure or organic compost in the bottom of the trench before planting.
5. Plant seed potatoes one foot apart in a 4-inch deep trench, eye side up.

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Our SpringFiesta was Last Weekend and was a Great Opportunity to Kick-Off Spring!

lynnonradioREVHooray! The First Day of Spring and our 12th Annual SpringFiesta was last weekend! We had tree and herb experts and an organic potting soil and mulch expert speak at our workshops. Plus we had great food, face painting for kids and adults, a kids korner with planting activities, fairy garden patch and demo, new products for this year and much more!

Tune in every Friday on KHFM Radio (95.5 FM) between 4 and 5 pm you’ll hear Lynn Payne’s tip of the week. The “Garden Guru” himself provides information on different topics including gardening tips, fun facts about plants, how to plant and prepare your garden for each season and special announcements.

Planting Some plants is OK now, but It Still Gets Cold at Night! Remember New Mexico’s Safe Frost Free Planting Date is May 15!

brocollismEven though the weather is warming up during the day, it still gets pretty cold at night. If you have your soil prepared and really want to plant something now, try planting hardy plants such as broccoli, cauliflower, peas, onions, garlic and kale. Those can stand the lower temperatures. You really should wait until after May 15 for the more tender crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers and eggplants.

If you have a question on what you can plant now, stop by either location and ask our gardening experts!

Happy Gardening!

Spring Bulbs Are Here! Garlic is Ready for Planting.

Spring bulbs have arrived! Payne’sgarlic bulbsz just received a shipment of garlic and onion bulbs making it the perfect time to plant your own garlic.

Garlic is one of the “cool crops” that can be planted in early spring — as early as mid-March — for harvesting in summer. Planting is quick, easy and cheap and the results are delicious.

Click here to learn more about how to plant garlic.