Just Received A Large Shipment of Beautiful Trees!

chestnutStop By Either Location for the Best Selection of Trees from Our Growers!

This week, both Payne’s locations received beautiful trees as well as some unusual varieties that are drought tolerant as well. From Red Flowering Horse Chestnut, Golden Rain Standardaustrian to Cimmaron Ash and Paper Bark Maple. We also received some large trees at the North store such as Austrian Pines and Spruce trees.

Stop by today and see the amazing selection for yourself!

Garden Guru Gives Advice on How Often to Water Outdoor Plants!

lynnonradioREVLast week the Garden Guru explained all about how a plant absorbs water and releases it … a process called transpiration. Hot and dry weather does increase this process. Trees and shrubs that have been watered properly force the roots to go down deeper in search of water which helps them withstand the hot and dry weather. There’s still plenty of time to plant! Stop by the greenhouses there are plenty of beautiful, colorful plants waiting for you. Listen to the tip for more information.

Tune in every Friday on KHFM Radio (95.5 FM) between 4 and 5 pm you’ll hear Lynn Payne’s tip of the week. The “Garden Guru” himself provides information on different topics including gardening tips, fun facts about plants, how to plant and prepare your garden for each season and special announcements.



A Poinsettia locally grown by Payne’s Nursery from December 2014!
Still blooming with a rainbow of colors in July 2015!

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