Now’s the Time to MULCH MULCH MULCH!

One of the most important secrets to successful truckgardening in New Mexico is mulch, mulch, mulch. Composts make the best mulches because they improve the soil they cover. Bark mulches are used for decorative reasons or to hold compost mulch in place, but may interfere with nutrient cycling if directly in contact with the soil surface.

Payne’s recommends applying mulch around trees and in flower beds to add a layer of insulation from the cold as well as to serve as an evaporation barrier.

If you have a small area to cover, stop by either of our stores for bagged compost or mulch. For larger areas, Payne’s Organic Soil Yard offers compost and mulch by the truckload – bring your pick-up truck or we can deliver a dump truck full.

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This is the Perfect Time to Take Care of Our Gardens Before the Winter!

lynnonradioREVLast week the Garden Guru discussed how we should do a little housekeeping in our gardens, especially raking the leaves on our lawns and gardens. It’s really important to make sure to clean up the leaves on your lawn so they don’t hold moisture. Listen to the Garden Guru to find out what else we need to do now.

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