Feeding Your Plants – How Much and What Fertilizer Should You Use?

Some gardeners have the best intentions for the growth feeding-plants2and health of their plants, but inadvertently over fertilize by thinking “if a little bit is good, more will be better.” Too much can be worse than not enough.

Other people forget to fertilize then overdo it with one big dose of plant food after months and months with none. Too much at one time can be worse than not fertilizing at all.

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The Garden Guru’s Expert Advice about Powdery Mildew, Pruning and Fertilizing Roses!

lynnonradioREVLast week the Garden Guru mentioned that many of his customers are asking about roses and some of the things that are impacting roses during this month. Lynn said that with rain comes humidity and with increased humidity comes fungus problems. CLICK below and listen in and see what other tips Lynn has for you.

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