The Garden Guru Suggests It’s Time to Prepare Your Soil for the Winter!

lynnonradioREVLast week the Garden Guru mentioned how things are slowing down in the world of gardening! Lynn suggests that we need to prep the soil for the winter months. Nourishing the soil and Payne’s premium compost and soil conditioners – these will assist the soil in preparing itself for the dormant months and getting it ready for Spring planting. Listen to the Garden Guru’s tips on why we need to nourish our soil.

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Iron Your Trees!

As part of soil preparation in the Fall, ironwPayne’s recommends using iron sulfate this time of year. Sprinkle it on now so that it can slowly acidify the soil and therefore release nutrients that are locked up and unavailable to your plants. It is very beneficial for trees, flower beds, gardens and grass. Stop by either location for iron products.

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