Trees, Flowers & Plants Make Great Living Memorials

pasa quarter

Traditional wreaths and flowers are beautiful tributes, and so are long-lasting trees and plants — including indoor tropical houseplants that thrive for decades. Payne’s has wonderful trees, shrubs, rose bushes and other favorites ready to plant this Memorial Day to honor a veteran or any special person you want to remember for years to come.

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Fairy Garden Planting is a Fun and Easy Project For Everyone in the Family!


fairybowlFXwhite2Unleash your imagination and create your own magical garden!PAYNES_fairygardenFX

Create a magical Fairy Garden that introduces your kids (and adults too) to the art of planting and gardening. In this make-believe landscape, pint-sized plants become huge trees, small pebbles make a stone path and tiny woodland sprites are as close as your imagination.

Fairy gardens are miniature landscapes with tiny houses, plants, trees, pathways and everything else. They give the impression that tiny creatures are living there and they’re wrapped in this magical aura which makes them super interesting and cute. Create your own fairy garden and make it wonderful. It’s a wonderful detail that will improve any landscape or room.



If you have a photo taken in one of our greenhouses or of your own garden or landscape that you would like to share, please send it to! If your photo is chosen, and used in our e-newsletter or on our website, then you will receive a Gift Certificate from Payne’s for $25! Please make sure to give us your contact information in your email.

Soil Prep is the First Step to Awesome Gardening Says the Garden Guru!

lynnonradioREVLast week, Lynn (The Garden Guru) said that soil preparation is a good first step to get good root growth for your plants. Mix in organic matter with your current native soil for the best results. Decomposed organic matter is best to use to get the most out of your soil. Listen to the rest of Lynn’s tip for all the details!

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