LAST Spring Workshop this Saturday, April 25 at 11am!

workshopsWe’ve had great response to our Spring Workshops this year! Please join us this Saturday – April – 25 for our LAST Spring Workshop at 11:00 AM at our SOUTH store at 715 St. Michael’s Dr.

Participants will receive a 20% discount card to use the day of the workshop.

Here’s this Saturday’s Workshop: APRIL 25
LYNN PAYNE: America’s Favorite Flower, the Rose!

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How to Grow ROSES in Northern New Mexico

roseszThe most popular flower in the world can grow beautifully in northern New Mexico—just choose the right type for your location and follow simple guidelines for keeping them healthy.

First choose the right type of rose for a specific location and purpose (i.e. to grow up a trellis or to cut stems for floral arrangements), then pick the colors and fragrance (from light to strong).

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You’ll learn SO MUCH MORE about Roses at this Saturday’s Spring Workshop with Lynn Payne. Bring your questions!

Examine Your Trees for Tent Caterpillars

caterpillarWe’ve been seeing Tent Caterpillars around in Santa Fe early this year. These Caterpillars (larvae) hatch from eggs laid the previous year in early spring at about the same time new leaves begin to emerge and feed on the young tender leaves. They are partial to Aspen and Cottonwood but are just as devastating to many deciduous trees commonly used in the landscapes of northern New Mexico.

They form small webs or “Tents” which expand as the larvae grow. They leave the tent to eat but return to it for refuge at night or during inclement weather.

To rid your trees from these pests, Payne’s recommends using organic products such as Thuricide – which is a liquid formulation of bacteria. It controls caterpillars, loopers, cabbageworms, hornworms, leaf folders and leaf rollers. Or Spinosad – which is derived from the fermentation juices of a lowly soil bacterium called Saccharopolyspora spinosa.

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The Garden Guru Encourages Gardeners to Grow Vegetables in Containers!

lynnonradioREVLast week, the Garden Guru discussed how easy it is to plant vegetables in containers. The most important part of this project is choosing the right pot that is large enough for successful planting. Payne’s Nurseries have an extensive selection of various pots in different styles and colors that will be perfect for your vegetable garden. Growing in containers may seem unconventional but it’s really a great idea to mix and match vegetables and flowers because most of these veggies do flower! Lynn gave a few more tips on how to make growing these plants fun!

Tune in every Friday on KHFM Radio (95.5 FM) between 4 and 5 pm you’ll hear Lynn Payne’s tip of the week. The “Garden Guru” himself provides information on different topics including gardening tips, fun facts about plants, how to plant and prepare your garden for each season and special announcements.