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Fall is a great time to plant because cooler temperatures mean less stress on plants.
Plus, roots grow all winter so plants will be well established by next year’s growth. Start planting and enjoy great SAVINGS with the SALE prices below!

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Vines, Shrubs, Deciduous Trees and B & B Deciduous Trees
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CONGRATULATIONS Mara Lafferty! Payne’s North NEW Assistant Manager!


Mara Lafferty, who has been supervising Payne’s North tropical and garden center departments, has been promoted to Assistant Manager. Mara has several years experience in the green industry, and has developed a substantial customer following during her tenure with the company. Mara looks forward to helping you with your gardening needs all year-round.

Stop by the North location and say Hi to Mara and
congratulate her personally!

Payne’s WELCOMES YOU to October!


Payne’s mums and pansies are blooming like crazy. Our poinsettia plants have grown from
babies to toddlers.

We’re getting in lots of new tropicals and houseplants for your winter enjoyment. Meanwhile, outdoors, underground root systems of perennials, trees, shrubs, and vines are still growing.

Asters are finishing up their bloom. Outdoor chrysanthemums are in their glory. Winter squashes, pumpkins, late season grapes, and fall apples are ripening their fruits.

Now’s the Time to Think SPRING!



Payne’s Bulbs – We ONLY sell the Highest Quality Bulbs!

Time to plant bulbs now for a gorgeous display next Spring! Payne’s sells ONLY the biggest, highest quality Holland-grown bulbs to make sure you get the largest, longest-lasting, most brilliantly colored blooms.

Fall is the best time of year to plant bulbs of tulips, hyacinth, crocuses and daffodils in order to enjoy their fireworks of colorful blooms come Spring.  Stop by either store and choose from our great selection!

Don’t forget to sprinkle a little bulb food or bone meal in the hole while you are planting the bulbs and also sprinkle a little more on the soil surface to assure healthy growth. Of course, we have both bulb food and bone meal!

FALL is for Planting – PART 3

plantingThe warm Fall is a great season for planting hardy trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, and bulbs! Here are some great reasons why:

• Root growth is greatest in the fall. Plants prioritize: in spring and early summer flowers, fruits and leaves get the most energy; in mid-to-late summer, fruiting, blooming and ripening peak, leaf growth lessens and stems begin to get more energy.

• As fall approaches, plant tops go dormant and next year’s buds finish forming, resulting in a decrease in the energy required by the above-ground parts of your plants. This lets plants use that energy for a tremendous increase in root growth. In fact, in fall, as stem growth tapers off, 70-80% of the season’s new root growth occurs. This means that plants established in the fall have better root systems to support the following Spring’s rush of new top growth than spring plantings.

Click here to learn more.

The GARDEN GURU Encourages You to Create Your Own Compost Garden and Start Sowing Seeds and Planting Fall Vegetables!

lynnonradioREVLast week the Garden Guru encouraged listeners to clean up their vegetable gardens by pulling the tired plants and grinding them up to make your own compost and fertilizer! This frees up the space to plant more crops, especially radishes, beets and carrots. It’s a great time to plant root vegetables! The soil is perfect because the sun heats the soil and it really allows the seeds to germinate perfectly! Listen to Lynn’s tip as he also gives advice on what else is perfect to plant in the Fall.

Tune in every Friday on KHFM Radio (95.5 FM) between 4 and 5 pm you’ll hear Lynn Payne’s tip of the week. The “Garden Guru” himself provides information on different topics including gardening tips, fun facts about plants, how to plant and prepare your garden for each season and special announcements.

This Week’s Payne’s Photo of the Week! ORCHIDS


SHARE YOUR PHOTOS! Please keep sending in your photos! If you have a photo taken in one of our greenhouses or of your own garden or landscape that you would like to share, please send it to info@paynes.com! If your photo is chosen, and used in our e-newsletter or on our website, then you will receive a Gift Certificate from Payne’s for $25! Please make sure to give us your contact information in your email.